Course program / Osteopathy-Congress 2018


Post-Conference-Workshop 19.11.2018

Embryology of the fascia - The meso as the origin of the fascia

Dr. med. Jaap van der Wal MD, PhD (NLD): Jaap Van der Wal specialized himself after his graduation as medical doctor (1973) in anatomy and embryology. The main topic of his research was the functional organization of the muscle and connective tissue in the locomotor system. In 1988 he graduated in this field by a dissertation on a “trans-anatomical” organization of human proprioception. In 2009 he presented in the field of fascia research his view on architecture of muscle and connective tissue as the main feature to understand the functional organization of fascia in the body and the significance of fascia in the human tensegrity organization. [After his retirement in 2012 he is mainly involved in his project Embryo Motion, a training in Phenomenological Embryology and Dynamic Morphology].

This workshop is held in german

Date: 19.11.2018
Course fee:  180,- €

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Post-Conference-Workshop 19.11.-20.11.2018

Manual treatment of scars and adhesions

Susan Chapelle RMT (CAN): Susan Chapelle has been a practicing therapist for over 20 years. She is the recipient of the award for “Registered Massage Therapist of the Year” in British Columbia for her contribution to research in the field of manual therapy. Susan is owner of Squamish Integrated Health, a multidisciplinary clinic in Squamish BC. She is currently co-investigator with Dr. Geoffrey Bove, D.C., PhD at the University of New England to study mechanisms of post-operative adhesion formation. Her numerous publications and expertise on the subject of healing mechanisms and manual therapy have offered her the opportunity to travel globally as a keynote speaker and educator.

Date: 19.11.-20.11.2018
Course fee:  310,- €
(Including: lecture notes, coffee, water, tee, fruits, vegetables, biscuits, little snacks)

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5 osteopathic healthcare models and fascial implications

Dr. Michael L. Kuchera DO (USA): Internationally known teacher and researcher in osteopathic manipulative medicine; Publications on numerous osteopathic subjects, co-author e.g. of Osteopathic  onsiderations in Systemic Dysfunction; Specialized on: the effects of exercise in multiple sclerosis and OMT in  mproving function and quality of life in Parkinson‘s Disease; numerous awards, such as the AODA Gutenshohn Denslow Award and was formerly President of the American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO).

Date: 19.11.-20.11.2018
Course fee:  310,- €

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The following applies to all courses: If the minimal amount of 18 attendees is not reached, the OSD reserves the right to cancel the course 4 weeks in advance. In this case the OSD reimburses the complete course fee. Beyond that there are no other rights of reimbursement for the attendees, especially referring to travelling or hotel expenses.

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