Osteopathy Conference 2019
„Unlocking the cranial mechanism… modern insights“

November, 15th -17th 2019, Urania Berlin e.V.

Graduate of the European School of Osteopathy in 1975 and lecturer of the same from 1974 to 1985, graduate of the Paris Medical School in 1985, thesis on the principles and history of osteopathy. Abehsera is founder and in the past President of the Israeli Osteopathic Association (1987-2000), Lecturer at the OSD and currently living in France. He deals with the subject of „osteopathic self-treatment“ in the context of osteopathic research.

Involved in founding the osteopathy schools Eurostéo and InSO-Aix-en-Provence, where he taught the visceral approach to osteopathy; teaching in schools in France for more than 15 years as well as Canada and on postgraduate courses in France, Italy and Russia. Alain Auberville has developed his embryology-based Motility concept over the last 30 years by experimenting and clinically validating his hypothesis. He now practices at Pelissanne, in the south of France.

Self-employed Osteopath and alternative practitioner with her own office in Bonn, Germany. She was born in France and studied osteopathy at the MTM Osteopathy-School in France. Isabelle Becker is specialized in pediatric osteopathy.

With 30 years of experience in the paediatrics field, Alain Bouchard has developed a unique expertise on learning disabilities and developmental problems as well as postural and motor problems in children and infants. As a clinician, researcher, teacher, organizer and in collaboration with national/ international organisations, he is involved for 15 years in dissemination of paediatrics osteopathy.

PhD in Animal Biology and Research Leader in Paleoneurobiology at the National Research Center for Human Evolution, Burgos (Spain). His main research areas concern functional craniology, paleoneurology, evolutionary neuroanatomy, craniovascular morphology, digital anatomy and computed morphometrics. Bruner’s key research projects deal with the anatomy and evolution of the parietal cortex. He is also involved in cognitive studies dealing with the evolution of visuospatial functions.

Professor and PhD for anatomy and pediatric surgery. Since 2011 he is senior researcher in Personalized Medical Decisions at the University of Montpellier in France. 2012 Captier became the head of orthopedic-plastic pediatric surgery at the university hospital Montpellier.

Author of the book „Silent Waves-Lymphatic drainage therapy“ and the DVDs „Dissection of the human lymphatic system“,„A Miniature Universe“, „The brain“. Laureate at the medical faculty Paris, member of the AAO and the I.S.L. Chikly is a leading osteopath in the osteopathic treatment of the brain and lymphatic system.

Osteopath since 1983, specialized in pediatric treatment, Deoora has been working for over 10 years at the Osteopathic Center for Children (OCC). She is an International lecturer and director of the children‘s clinic at the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland (OSD) in Hamburg. Author of the book „Healing through Cranial Osteopathy“ and co-author of „Fundamental Osteopathic Techniques“ and „Osteopathic Treatment of Children“.

Studied medicine, psychology, philosophy and theology. Since 1984 activity as a psychotherapist focusing on early disorders. Development of new forms of therapy with autistic children. 1987 Hans Gustav Graber Prize of ISPPM for the work „Origin of Collective Unconsciousness“. 2003 Foundation of the association „Free Life“. International lecturer, u.a. at the OSD.

Founder and Head of the Neurolog-Akademie, various lecturer activities, since 2017 teaching of the concept of Neurofunctional Integration (NFI), private practices in Munich and Murnau.

Received her DO degree from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1964. She has practiced in Oregon from 1965 to the present. Eschtruth teaches Dr. Fulford‘s philosophy both in the US and Europe. She currently lives in Oregon with her two dogs.

Studied Osteopathy at COP Marseille. Since 1999 he has been working in a practice in Gignac, since 2010, he has been teaching the tissue approach in Osteopathy in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Teaching all over the world and continues to teach today in Europe and Japan. His subjects taught are cranial technique, sacro-occipital technique and cervical technique on a patient in a sitting position. Gehin also teaches the tensegrity criteria in practical osteopathy, the clinical reading of walking and the technique of absorbing lumbar disc hernias.

Specialized in neuroscience; practicing and doing research in Canada. Grolaux is practicing non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation in his daily clinic and doing research about it with Kinesis Associates Clinic, Dartmouth, and Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS (Canada).

Teaching cranial osteopathy internationally for over 40 years. He studied under some of the great American osteopathic physicians including Harold Magoun Snr, Rollin Becker, Allan Becker, Herb Miller, Edgar Miller, Anne Wales, Viola Frymann, Robert Fulford, John Harakal and Tom Schooley. Handoll has published articles in various journals; his paper „The Osteopathic Management of Children with Down‘s Syndrome“ was published in the British Osteopathic Journal in 1988 and is now online. His book „Anatomy of Potency“ was published in 2000 and has been translated into German, French and Italian. The second edition appeared in 2017. In 1993 Handoll co-founded the Sutherland Cranial College as an independent post-graduate institution in the UK for teaching the cranial concept.

Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine since January 2001. He has served as a lecturer with the Missouri Arts Council and as a researcher/benefactor with the Missouri Capitol Museum, numerous osteopathic book chapters and publications, e.g. „The Osteopathic Medicine Advantage“.

Osteopath since 1969, he was taught y Rollin Becker, Alan Becker, Anne Wales, Robert Fulford, Tom Schooley, Edna Lay, Viola Frymann, Harold Magoun and many more. Holding works as a lecturer since 1970, e.g. for Embryology, cranial Osteopathy, Kinesiology and others. He edited the three volume work “The collected words of Dr Alan Beardall DC” (1988) and numbers of other teaching materials for cranial and other topics.

Graduated from the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1983 and earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Louisiana State University in 1971. Dr. King is currently the Medical Director of the Osteopathic Center for Children and is one of the osteopaths “Continuing the Dream and Advancing the Dream” of Viola M. Frymann, DO, FAAO in San Diego, CA. He has conducted and published research on plagiocephaly. He is also a Professor of Family Medicine at the UCSD School of medicine, and staff physician in the OMT Service in the Center for Integrative Medicine, and the Osteopathic Center for Children. He is a past President of the American Academy of Osteopathy. He is the author of the chapter on “Osteopathy in the Cranial Field” in the past three editions of „Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine“.

Co-headmaster at the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland (OSD) Cofounder of Breath-Yoga and author of various book publications.

Practices Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine full time with his wife, German Osteopath Margret Klein. In his spare time he teaches OMM for the American Academy of Osteopathy and Osteopathic schools around the world. Lossing brings a broad teaching background, having taught well over 100 courses over a 20 year period. He is a Past President of the American Academy of Osteopathy.

Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington. He is also Founding Editor-in-Chief of the journal „WATER“, convener of the Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, and Executive Director of the Institute for Venture Science. He received numerous prices and titles for his broad ranged researches and theories.

Distinguished Professor at the Pennsylvania State University, where she works with students, postdocs, and colleagues to understand the genetic and developmental basis for craniofacial genesis and dysgenesis during ontogenetic and evolutionary time. Richtsmeier serves on the Board of Directors of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) and the Program Committee of the American Association of Anatomists. Also she has served as Vice President and President of the Society for Craniofacial Genetics and Developmental Biology and on the Executive Committee of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.

For over 40 years practicing Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and addressing the needs of children with chronic illnesses and/or developmental disabilities. Her work has been enhanced by the ground-breaking contributions of Charlotte Weaver DO (1884-1964), which, added to those of Will Sutherland DO, make a more complete cranial concept. Her book “Charlotte Weaver, Pioneer in Cranial Osteopathy” was published by The Cranial Academy in 2010 and has been translated into German and Japanese. She practices in California, USA.

Graduated in 1965 from the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, and interned at Waterville Osteopathic Hospital (Maine) from 1965 to 1966. While in Kirksville he was mentored by George Andrew Laughlin, D.O., grandson of A.T. Still, the founder of Osteopathy. Later in Massachusetts he was mentored by and took over the practice from nationally honored physician Perrin T. Wilson, one of the founding members of the American Academy of Osteopathy. In 1970 he was one of the original six physicians to be included in the first Muscle Energy tutorials conducted by Fred L. Mitchell. Since 1970 Dr. Stiles has taught internationally and is recognized as a leader in the field of osteopathic manipulative medicine education.

Neuroanatomist; Chair of Anatomy, University of New England – College of Osteopathic Medicine. Specialised in pain mechanisms.