Osteopathy Conference 2020
„Gelenke & Manipulation“

13.-15.11.2020, Urania Berlin e.V.


Michael L. Kuchera PhD DO (USA)

Osteopathic Gateways in the Management of Upper Extremity Dysfunction

Date: 11.11. – 12.11.2020
Venue: Osteopathie Schule Deutschland GmbH, Oudenarder Str. 16, Osram Höfe, 13347 Berlin
Language: English with German translation
Course fee: 310,- €

The following applies to all courses:

If the minimum number of 18 participants is not reached, the OSD reserves the right to cancel the course at least 4 weeks in advance. In this case, the OSD will refund the course fees in full. In addition, further claims for reimbursement of costs by the participants, in particular based on travel and hotel costs, are excluded.