Osteopathy Conference 2023

Osteopathy Conference 2023 – Joints & Manipulation

Looking forward with us to the Osteopathy Conference 2023. From June 9th – 11th we invite you once again to Europe’s largest symposium of this kind.

Focus with us for one weekend on the manipulation of joints in all its facets. Our portfolio could hardly be more international. Numerous masters of their field, from osteopathy as well as medicine, offer versatile space for perspectives and approaches to the most diverse techniques and models in the here and now of manipulation.

Preliminary Conference Program

  • Phil Austin DO, PhD (AUS)
    – The effects of thoraco-lumbar mobilisation and colon function (Workshop)
    – Assessment, treatment and self management techniques for chronic rotator cuff conditions (Workshop)
  • Millicent K. Channell DO (USA)
    – Osteopathic considerations for headache (Workshop)
    – Evaluating and treating dysfunctions of the shoulder girdle (Workshop)
  • Prof. William H. Devine PhD, DO (USA)
    – Clinical Diagnostic and Treatment Concepts in Manipulative Treatment of Shoulder and Hip Problems (Lecture)
    – An Osteopathic Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment of Shoulder and Hip Problems (Workshop)
  • Christian Fossum DO (NOR)
    – From Joints to the Central Nervous System (Lecture)
    – Tips & Tricks treating the joints (Workshop)
  • Prof. Paul Hodges PhD, DSc, MD, BPhty (Hons) (AUS)
    – Pain and joint dysfunction: How are they related? (Lecture)
    – Evaluation and interpretation of changes on muscle function in back pain (Workshop)
    – Evaluation and interpretation of the interaction between breathing, continence and back pain (Workshop)
  • Prof. Sunil Kumar Joshi (IND)
    – Marma science and Marma therapy: Universally sustainable Medical system (Lecture)
    – Marmapranasana: Vedic way to self healing (Workshop)
  • Michael L. Kuchera PhD, DO (USA)
    – Cervical OMT: Focus on the Facet (Lecture)
    – Precise Facet-Focused Cervical OMT Techniques (Workshop)
  • David Lachaize DO (FRA)
    – tba (Workshop)
  • Gez Lamb (GBR)
    – What makes a spinal manipulation specific? (Lecture)
    – SAT in the traumatic field (Workshop)
    – Spinal Diagnosis with an SAT intention (Workshop)
  • Eyal Lederman PhD, DO (GBR)
    – Osteopathic Functional Exercise Prescription (Lecture)
    – Osteopathic Harmonic Techniques (Workshop)
    – Frozen Shoulder (Workshop)
  • Torsten Liem MSc. Ost., MSc. Paed. Ost., DO, DPO (DEU)
    – Somato-energetic-emotional dysfunction in Psychosomatic Osteopathy (Lecture)
    – The awareness of body, arousal, heart and mind of patient and therapist in somatic dysfunction (Workshop)
  • Lucia Pereira PGDO, BSc. (Hons) Ost., DO (FRA)
    – Revisited lumbar roll using the latest research on diaphragm, IAP and rehabilitation (Workshop)
  • Eric Prat DO (FRA)
    – Key points of the shoulder: ligaments, labrum, rotator cuff muscles and the rotator interval: How to treat purposely the soft tissue of the shoulder with recoil technic (Workshop)
    – A quite unknown joint: C0-C2: How to balance the cranio-cervical junction and specifically the odontoidal ligaments with recoil technic (Workshop)
    – How to treat hypermobility ad instability of the joints
  • Prof. Hans-Georg Schaible MD (DEU)
    – Neurobiology of joint pain (Lecture)
    – Neuroimmune connection in inflammation (Workshop)
  • Timothy Sparrow DO, MICO, MGOsC(UK), MGNRPO (BEL)
    – Re-exploring the traditional osteopathic concept of “ adjustment “- discovering its role that extends beyond that represented by the nature of spinal or osseous manipulation (Workshop)
  • Edward G. Stiles MD, DO (USA)
    – Joints (Lecture)
    – Functional / Laughlin-Still (Workshop)
    – Muscle Energy: from the perspective of how Fred Mitchell, Sr. DO originally taught it (Workshop)
  • David Tatton DO (GBR)
    – Observation, Palpation and the application of High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrusts (HVLAT) (Lecture)
    – Structural Osteopathic Technique and HVLAT applied to the cervical spine, thorax and upper extremity (Workshop)
    – Structural Osteopathic Technique and HVLAT applied to the lumbar spine, pelvis and lower extremity (Workshop)
  • Leonard van der Geer D.O.-M.R.O., BSc. Ost. (NLD)
    – The osteopathic and Intra-osseous view, examination and treatment of undefined knee (Workshop)
    – The osteopathic and Intra-osseous view, examination and treatment of a side impact trauma at the shoulder joint (Workshop)
  • Prof. Frank Willard PhD, DO (Hons) (USA)
    – What the Joint tells the Brain and Immune System (Lecture)
    – The Joints of the Body (Workshop)

We are looking forward to see you! More infos soon.

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